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Petco will no longer be carrying the 15lb bags of Nutrisca by Dogswell so they are on Manager’s Special for the price of $20. Nutrisca is Dogswell’s grain free,potato free line and it comes in chicken or lamb. For anyone who has a dog with grain allergies or sensitivities this food is perfect! My dog has I.B.S. and this food agrees with her fine.  If you already feed your dog a grain free food like Wellness Core or Natural Balance then you know that $20 is a great deal.

For all those is CT –  Big Y has Brad’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17 fl oz bottles on clearance for $4.99. That’s a saving of $5 a bottle. Also at Big Y Olivia’s Organic Spinach 11 0z (large clamshell) is on sale for $4.98 w/a silver coin. If you go to the website there is also a coupon for $1 off. Read the rest of this entry »



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